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Introducing an innovative growing method

Founded in 2015 in Sambava (north-east of Madagascar), with the ambition to introduce new vanilla growing methods in Madagascar, our company believes that to always meet our customers’ needs and to provide them the highest quality, we need to keep a tight control over any stage of the production line. From growing through vanilla processing to final packaging.



  • Franck┬áLugand : Founder and CEO of Madagascar Flavors
  • Patrick┬áKaiha : Technical expert and chief operating officer. Vanille producer in Tahiti for several generations, Patrick holds patents on new growing methods derived from hydroponics.
  • Olivier┬áTsaranarana : Administrative and curing process manager. With a decades-long experience in the SAVA region, Olivier has worked with leading manufacturers of flavors and vanilla exporters.

Operation team

Dedicated workers for vanilla growing and curing process.


Our vanilla grows under greenhouses on our land. Such controlled cultivation allows us to produce high quality vanilla and to regulate the vanillin content in a very uniform product. This cultivation method gives us also a better expectation of what we produce in terms of volume and quality. We will shortly provide other vanilla flavors like Tahitensis or Manitra ampotony.

We are using the traditional method for the curing process which is done by our team in our warehouses based in Sambava.

Where there’s a way, there’s a will.

Malagasy proverb

It is better to move slowly and appropriately rather than rapidly and get things wrong.

Malagasy proverb